Homage to Granados by Eric Henderson


Homage to Granados by Eric Henderson


Homage to Granados --released on the album "Faces" in 1997-- is a beautiful original composition, and is easy listening for those that need minimal distractions.

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As one of the world's classical guitar virtuosos, Eric Henderson was trained under Maestro Andres Segovia. Being a child prodigy, Eric was one of a few in the world that were selected to train under Segovia. Moreover, his ability to transcend genres enables him to develop arrangements that are truly unique and original. 

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Homage to Granados
Composed by Eric Henderson
Produced by Eric Henderson
guitar: Eric Henderson
bass guitar: Alan Dereamo
drums: Dave White
keyboards: John Andrew Shriner
Recorded at Jasmine Sound, Laguna Beach
Recording engineer:  John Andrew Shriner