Trained by the master of the classical guitar Andres Segovia, Eric Henderson is a guitar virtuoso and composer who covers a vast repertoire with technical mastery and passionate delivery. He has toured throughout the United States and Europe, as well as Japan and Russia.

In 1971 at the age of 13, Eric was one of the only 3 people to receive the honor of being invited to study privately with Segovia.
Henderson also studied guitar with Aureo Herrero, Christopher Parkening, Angel Romero, Ernesto Bitetti, Emilio Pujol and Antonia Morales.

He studied Baroque interpretation with Ton Koopman and Henk Dekker.

While in Spain he also had the privilege of studying with the composer Federico Moreno Torroba, perfecting the interpretation of Torroba’s “Sonatina in A” and “Madronos”.