La Catedral (Prelude Saudade) by Augustin Barrios Mangore

Cathedral Heights CD cover.jpg
Cathedral Heights CD cover.jpg

La Catedral (Prelude Saudade) by Augustin Barrios Mangore


Eric Henderson performs La Catedral (Prelude Saudade) by Augustin Barrios Mangore from his album Cathedral Heights.

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Classical guitarist Eric Henderson provides a rare entre into a musical world where technical clarity is fused with passionate intensity.  His interpretation of the vibrant Spanish composers takes the listener to ‘cathedral’ heights within the soul.  

The range of his music is extraordinary, an eclectic mix of notes and tones linger on the air in vibratory elegance.
Even the changes of pace with his own modern composition, ‘Faces’ demonstrates his instinct for phrasing, drawing forth a mellifluous richness of purity.  His music will leave you breathless.

You will find yourself shouting “Bravo” in the quiet of your home.

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Producers Sho Kaneko and Chuck Kinderat SIDEWAYS RECORDS and ADAMOS RECORDS
Engineers Gary Druilhet and Jerry Adamowitz
Recorded 1991
Published by EHG, LLC
and ASCAP, all rights reserved.